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The Family Anatomy Podcast

Psychologists talk about parenting and relationships. 

Oct 31, 2011

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about homework.

Does homework help kids to do better at school?

What about kids who are falling behind?

How can parents help their kids to stay motivated?

Find out what we think this week!

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Oct 17, 2011

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss violent toys, including toy guns and pellet guns.

  • Why do we limit our kids' access to toy guns (or don't limit it)?
  • Do violent toys contribute to an increase in aggressive behaviour?
  • Why are boys so interested in playing with violent toys?
  • Should parents ban their children from...

Oct 3, 2011

As Canadian Thanksgiving approaches, Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss gratitude. For centuries, spiritual leaders and philosophers have been aware of the importance of gratitude. In the past 15 to 20 years, the effect of gratitude on mental health has been a topic of discussion among psychologists and...